Electromagnetic profiling devices AEMP-14

Technical characteristics

General options

Induction probe with three coils;
Frequency range: 2.5-250 kHz (14 frequencies);
Measurement time: 0.2-2 s (depending on the number of selected frequencies);
Generator power: 90 W;
Reception sensitivity: 1 mV
Assembled dimensions: 275x30x10 cm
Battery life: 12 hours;

The weight of the device: 7kg

Key Features:

Improved cone connection; enables precise and reliable seating of the antenna block;
Optimized calibration enables profiling at 14 frequencies;

Simplified functionality of the control program – visualization of maps and profile curves.



The circuit implemented in the apparatus makes it possible to measure the distribution of the apparent specific electrical resistance in the soil at a depth of 10 m. The device shows the best results in conductive media. More conductive objects (tunnels, bunkers with wet walls, pipes, etc.) in less conductive soil are also good targets. The multi-frequency profiler AEMP-14 (auto-electronic micro device) enables profiling for each set of 14 fixed frequencies in the range from 2.5 to 250 kHz, including automatic referencing of the measuring point to GPS coordinates.

The length (275 cm in the working position, 140 in the transport position), the weight (8 kg) and the ease of use enable one person to work with the apparatus and to attach the device to a self-propelled automated chassis or to a towing device for towing assemble. Preliminary work results of AEMP-14 (auto-electronic micro device) are visualized in real time on the screen of the pocket calculator, data and control signals are sent via BlueTooth.

After completion of the work, the data is downloaded to the field PC and after processing, which normally does not take longer than half an hour, the data is displayed in the form of maps or profile curves in the surfer program (Golden Software). Depending on the number of frequencies used, the recording speed of a device with the density of 2 m along the profile can be between 2 and 30 km / h.