Compact equipment for electromagnetic profiling “Geovizer”

Technical characteristics

General options

Frequency range: 12.5-111 kHz (14 frequencies)
Measurement time: 0.3-0.9 s (depending on the number of selected frequencies)
Generator power: 60 W
Reception sensitivity: 1 mV
Assembled dimensions: 90x75x25 cm
Battery life: 12 hours;
The weight of the device: 4.5 kg

Software (Android, Windows)

Key Features:

Light weight and main dimensions;
Possibility of custom calibration;

Extended possibilities of the software Qzond / iiSystem: calculation of every network control system and every signal phase.



The multi-purpose compact profiler “Geovizer” implements the method of induction multi-frequency mapping and enables the solution of the problem of rapid and contactless investigation of the earth. As a result of the investigation, it is possible to obtain the spatial distribution of the secondary signal level from the medium to a depth of 3 meters. The signal level enables the specific electrical resistance to be assessed. Local, high-contrast changes in the medium (metal objects, cavities, watering with highly mineralized mud) are particularly successfully differentiated. More conductive objects (tunnels, bunkers with wet walls, pipes, etc.) in less conductive soil are also good targets.

The three-frequency profiler “Geovizer” enables profiling for each set of 3 fixed frequencies in the range from 12.5 to 111 kHz, including automatic referencing of the measuring point to global coordinates. The external dimensions of the device (750 x 650 x 340 mm), the weight (4.5 kg) and the simple operation with a smartphone based on the Android operating system simplify the data acquisition process considerably and also increase the spatial resolution of the examination.

Preliminary measurement results from “Geovizer” are visualized in real time on the smartphone screen. With the special software on the smartphone, you can virtually create three-dimensional representations of the signal distribution.

The connection with the device takes place according to the Bluetooth protocol.