Siber 48К12 (Siber 64К15)

Multi-electrode electrical resistivity & induced polarization imaging instruments SibER 48K12


Electrodes: 2 x 24 + 2 remote

External power: 12 V

Reserve power: 12 V, 2.3 A * h

Interface: Wi-Fi, Ethernet

Protection type: IP67 (transportation), IP54 (operation)

Operating temperature: -20 … +50 ° C

Dimensions: 464 x 366 x 176 mm

Weight: 12 kg



Type: voltage source

Output voltage: 1 … 500 V

Output current: up to 2 A

Output power: up to 220 W

Output pulse shape: rectangular variable polarity

Duration of output pulses: up to 10 s

Duration of pauses between output pulses: from 20 ms

Output short circuit protection: Yes


Multi-channel measurement module

Number of channels: 12

Input resistance: 10 MΩ

Number of readings: 1 … 500

Sampling frequency: 50, 60 Hz

ADC resolution: 24 bits

Input voltage: -20 … 20 V

Resolution: 1 µV

Interference suppression of industrial frequencies: not less than 90 dB

Overvoltage protection: up to 1 kV


Power Module

Protection against incorrect polarity at the input: yes

Supply voltage range: 10.5 … 15 V

Power failure indication: sound, LED


12-channel electrical resistivity and induced polarization “SibER 48K12” (revision H / W: 01)

48 electrodes, 12 measuring channels and a powerful source in a single package with a mass of 12 kg.

Control by a smartphone, tablet or computer with Android OS or Windows OS via Wi-Fi and Ethernet using unified Xeris software.

Update hardware flash from the control device in a few seconds.

Russian and English versions of the GUI.

Support for measuring different arrays such as Schlumberger type, dipole, three-electrode (direct and reverse), two-electrode and others.

Optimized measurement patterns for data collection in a single working cycle with the possibility of subsequent separate processing.

Easily editable custom measurement patterns.

Complete and selective testing of the quality of electrodes grounding with a graphical representation of the results.

Recording of all samples of output and input signals with the possibility of subsequent visualization, analysis and processing.

Automatic processing of input signals and data quality assessment.

Selective disconnection of unused electrodes.

Adjustable power consumption to conserve battery power.

Automatic diagnosis of open circuits, short circuits and power problems.

Visualization of output and input signals during operation.

Tools for testing measurement settings in the field.

Edit measurement settings without interruption.

Resume interrupted measurement sessions.

The technique of continuous profiling with the transfer of the first cable segment from the previous arrangement to the end of the next.

Variants of cable electrode from one or several segments.

VES mode.

Compatible with Res2DInv, Res3DInv, ErtLab, X2IPI and else software.


 Basic set:

– SibER 48K12 main unit;

– charger for internal battery;

– cable for connecting external power supply 12V;

– external control tablet based on Android OS;

– network cable;

– wooden box for transportation.